Here Are 15 Times BTS’s Jimin Did Things In “Tiny” For A Boost Of Serotonin 

#5 is so adorable!

BTS‘s Jimin is small, squishy, and has the power to instantly bring a smile to anyone’s face — especially ARMYs! Check out some of his cutest moments below where we can’t help but call him “tiny!”

1. His adorable kick

2. Raising his hand

3. Kicking his feet while in his chair

4. Drying off from the water

5. Dancing his fears away

6. Getting picked up

7. Turning into a cocoon

8. Swimming through the pool

9. Doing his hair in a ponytail

10. Being sassy

11. Balancing on a chair

12. Peaking

13. Getting his cheek squished

14. Sitting like this

15. Existing in tiny!