Here Are 10 Of BTS Jimin’s Most Underrated Verses That Live In ARMY’s Minds Rent-Free

#6 went down in history!

Along with the rest of BTS‘s vocal line, Jimin‘s unique vocal color adds his own charm to every BTS song. Looking beyond some of BTS’s most popular songs, you can find some of his most iconic verses and lines in various B-sides, covers, and more! Check out some of his parts below that we will never get tired of hearing.

1. Tony Montana

Jimin appeared onstage with Suga, a.k.a. AGUST D, during 3rd Muster in 2016 for this legendary performance.

2. Film Out

This addicting part of “Film Out” requires multiple listens to fully enjoy it!

3. Magic Shop

This beautiful bridge shows of Jimin’s stunning voice and provides ARMY’s with the ultimate feeling of comfort.

4. Paradise

These smooth lines show off Jimin’s signature vibe.

5. Dream Glow

Jimin’s voice is a perfect match for the exciting vibe of “Dream Glow.”

6. Chicken Noodle Soup

Jimin showed off his lower register while performing a group version of “Chicken Noodle Soup” at Muster Sowoozoo.

7. Your Eyes Tell

This high note leaves everyone in awe! 👏

8. Answer: Love Myself

It’s impossible to not fall in love with Jimin’s gorgeous voice during this song.

9. The Truth Untold

On this day, he took his iconic high note even higher!

10. Home

When “Home” comes on, it’s time to groove!