BTS’s Jimin Sends ARMY Into Meltdown With His Sexy Vogue Korea Photoshoot

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BTS‘s Jimin is driving fans crazy with his latest cover shoot for Vogue Korea. As a global brand ambassador, Jimin rocks a variety of jewelry pieces from luxe jewelry and specialty design house Tiffany & Co. Check out all of the accessory details and the entire stunning photoshoot below!

1. “BTS became one of the biggest musicians of the 21st century. Jimin, a global icon and the new face of Tiffany & Co. meets with Vogue Korea.”

2. “The ‘Tiffany Hardwear’ Necklace and Bracelet emphasizes Jimin’s strength and elegance.

3. “Jimin, looking forward to his first solo album FACE, reveals himself in a simple white T-Shirt and Jeans.”

4. “The Tiffany Lock has an enormous presence.”

5. “Poetic yet intense, shy yet bold, Jimin.”

6. “A fashionable moment for a global Icon!

7. “Jimin’s charisma resembles that of James Dean.”

8. “The ‘Tiffany Hardwear’ Necklace goes along well with the ‘Tiffany T Smile’ Pendant, inspired by a smiling face.”

9. “‘Jimin’s energy, style and sense of modernity fits Tiffany’s philosophy perfectly.’ said Tiffany’s executive, Alexandre Arnault.”

10. “T-Shirt Dolce&Gabbana, Pants Fendi.”

11. “Jimin’s tattoo, ‘Youth’, speaks for itself. It goes along perfectly with his alluring eyes and the ‘Tiffany T1’ Ear Cuffs.”

12. “Always gentle, yet sharp at times. Jimin shows off the many faces he has in front of Vogue Korea’s Camera.

13. “The ‘Tiffany Lock’ Collection, inspired from a lock, has an elegant charm just like Jimin.”

14. Jimin proves “Yellow Gold is the best material when it comes to expressing the charm of gold jewelry.”

15. “‘Tiffany T’ Earring and ‘Tiffany Hardwear’ Necklace made of yellow gold and the ‘Tiffany T True’ ring made of Rose Gold makes a perfect match with any other Tiffany jewelry.”

16. “Jimin lets his presence be known to everyone.

17. “Jimin’s favorite was the ‘Tiffany T’ Bracelet, because of its cool and modernity.

18. “The ‘Tiffany Lock’ Collection embodies the power of connection and togetherness. The two loops linked together symbolize unity made possible by love.”

19. “Top Dolce&Gabbana, Pants Fendi.”

20. “Jimin wearing the simple ‘Tiffany T’ Hoop Earrings and ‘Tiffany HardWear’ Necklace.”

21. “Black Cardigan, Dolce&Gabbana.”

22. “Armed with unique vocals, unrivaled choreography and a performance that astonishes everyone, Jimin also serves as a fashion icon.

23. “Jimin makes every jewelry look so fine.”

24. “Jimin will open up a new chapter as an artist, and reveal his musical world through his first solo album, FACE.”

Source: Vogue


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