10 Reasons Why BTS’s Jimin Would Be An Amazing Voice Actor

He truly has a talent for it.

In the latest episode of Run BTS!, BTS dubbed animated films. Everyone was so impressed with Jimin‘s skills that fans are now hoping to see “voice actor Jimin” debut. Here are 10 reasons why he has what it takes to go pro.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

1. His “unisex” voice gives him the flexibility to play male and female characters

When BTS dubbed The Lion King, the vocal instructor wanted a “unisex voice” for the female hyena, Shenzi. BTS chose Jimin because his voice is the highest, but Jimin’s ability to shift between a masculine and feminine sound is what really made his read convincing.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

Jimin played two female characters (Shenzi and Judy Hopps from Zootopia), but he also pulled off the role of Rex, a male dinosaur, thanks to his gender-neutral vocals.

| Judy Hopps from “Zootopia”

2. He hears vocal nuances that most people might miss

Jimin didn’t just listen to what the characters were saying. He listened to how they were saying it, nailing each inflection.

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3. He takes direction and feedback well

As someone who is used to working in a team and honing his craft, Jimin would be a dream for any director.

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4. Sound effects? No problem!

Half of voice acting is vocalizing shouts of frustration, growls, and other wordless sounds. Jimin can do it all!

5. He isn’t afraid to get goofy

When Jimin played Rex, a neurotic and excitable dino, he really let loose. J-Hope‘s reaction says it all!

6. He is an expert at conveying emotions with his voice. His songs make listeners smile one minute…

7. …and cry the next.

That’s exactly the kind of flexibility a professional voice actor needs.

8. He’s open to experimenting with roles

Some men might shy away from female roles, but Jimin was open to trying Shenzi, and he also volunteered for Judy Hopps. Who knows what other kinds of roles he could pull off if given the opportunity?

9. He knows how to play off other voice actors

For The Lion King, Jimin and Jin matched each other’s rhythms and as a result, their banter seemed very natural.

10. He has great timing

BTS were only given one chance to practice their dubbing scenes before recording. Having to constantly look from the script to the screen made it difficult to get the timing right, but Jimin succeeded!