3 Moments Between BTS’s Jimin And His Younger Brother That Will Put A Smile On Any Fan’s Face

Jimin once scolded his brother, but it “backfired.”

BTS‘s Jimin and his younger brother have a heartwarming relationship, and there have been many moments where they showed their brotherly love.

BTS Jimin’s younger brother (Left) & Jimin (Right)

There have also been some funny stories shared about Jimin and his younger brother.

BTS’s Jimin

Here are 3 moments between Jimin and his younger brother that will put a smile on any fan’s face.

1. Jimin’s brother telling on Jimin

In episode 143 of Run BTS!, RM asked Jimin if there was a moment where he felt that he was being mistreated during his childhood. Jimin shared that he once gave his brother a “friendly slap” because he made him angry.

Jimin’s brother, however, pretended that Jimin hit him for no reason!

After this, Jimin got scolded by their mother, and he was quite “furious” over the situation.

2. Jimin scolding his brother, and it “backfiring”

In a live broadcast, Jimin shared that he used to tell his brother that he should start preparing for his future. Jimin did this since he wanted his brother to have a career from a young age.

Jimin then spoke about how he started pursuing his dreams of becoming a singer from a young age. While people around Jimin initially were against it, they started supporting him when they saw how passionate he was. Jimin wanted his brother to also be like this, so he scolded him about starting a career from a young age.

While Jimin was looking out for his younger brother, Jimin’s friends told him that he shouldn’t have scolded him since he was so young.

The BTS members also told Jimin what he did was wrong, and Jimin soon apologized to his younger brother and told him that he could do what he wanted. Jimin also told his younger brother that he wouldn’t put any pressure on him.

3. Jimin finding his brother cute

When Jimin visited his hometown (Busan), he went to the beach with his younger brother. He then told his brother to say hi to the viewers!

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Jimin also told his brother to jump, and Jimin’s brother waved and jumped!

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Jimin laughed and found his younger brother cute!

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Here’s the full video below!