Here Are The Awards Each BTS Member Would Give Jimin For 2021 FESTA

Do you agree with their choices?

For their upcoming 8th anniversary, the BTS members recently created awards for each other in their 2021 FESTA profiles. Here are the creative awards that each member decided to give to Jimin!

1. RM

RM gave Jimin the “Puppy Award!” Despite fans often calling him a calico cat…

…RM believes he’s acting “more like a puppy nowadays.” He’s definitely just as cute and energetic!

2. Jin

Jin reassured Jimin with the “Your Face Is Not Puffy Award,” claiming Jimin is often concerned about whether his face is bloated. ARMY can confirm that Jimin’s latest look is super sleek and doesn’t show an ounce of bloat!

3. Suga

Suga chose the “Went Too Far Award,” revealing that Jimin often goes too far to get a laugh out of people.

He’ll do whatever it takes, including falling out of his chair tons of times!

4. J-Hope

It seems Jimin’s tendency to do anything for a laugh has paid off since J-Hope gave him the “My Laughter Award!”

5. V

Unsurprisingly, V gave Jimin that same award and claimed his laughter brings good luck. Everyone needs a hilarious friend like Jimin in their life!

6. Jungkook

Jungkook chose the aptly named “Cutie Award.” From Jimin’s cute face…

…to his adorable height…

…to his short fingers, he’s cute from head to toe!

Check out the awards the members came up with for V below!

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