10+ Times BTS’s Jin Transformed The Airport Into His Own Personal Runway

#9 is everything 😍

BTS‘s Jin has a great, unique sense of style!

BTS’s Jin | BTS/Weverse

Jin’s style truly stands out through his airport outfits.

Here are a few of his best airport outfits!

1. Jin over flowers

He looks so handsome in this floral denim set!

2. Too handsome for words

Jin looks so good in this brown coat—just look at those wide shoulders!

3. When he went viral for his body proportions

This T-shirt and jeans look may be simple, but Jin makes it look runway ready!

4. Cutie in a cardigan

Jin looks adorable in this striped cardigan!

5. Looking like royalty

Jin looks like a handsome prince in his hanbok!

6. Everything about this photo screams icon

Jin is definitely giving superstar in this picture!

7. Worldwide handsome indeed

Jin’s visuals are the perfect accessory for any outfit!

8. Denim on denim

He rocks denim-on-denim outfits like no other!

9. He always looks so good in pink

Jin looks so cute in his glasses and pink shirt!

10. Dashing and dapper

Even when he’s masked up, Jin is still incredibly handsome!

11. Get him in a K-Drama NOW

Jin is 100% romantic lead material!


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