5+ Details In BTS Jin’s Entrance Ceremony That’ll Make You Cry All Over Again

#2 had us crying for real!

BTS‘s Jin safely entered the Korean military on Tuesday, December 13 (KST), officially beginning his 18-month military service. His members sent him and shared their last OT7 photos of 2022. Now, BIGHIT MUSIC has released the Bangtan Bomb, “Jin’s Entrance Ceremony,” showing the final moments.

We’ve already been crying, but 5+ heartwrenching details will make you cry all over again. Check them out below…

1. Jin swallowing a lump in his throat

2. Jin’s verse in “For Youth” playing

3. The parallels to Jungkook’s graduation

4. Jin being the last to line up

5. The members holding back tears after Jin left

6. Jin putting a MapleStory character on his jacket

7. Jin reminding us all this is the first of seven…



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