BTS Jin’s Most LeJINdary Weverse Comments Of 2019

From roasts to puns, these are Jin’s best posts.

Earlier this year, BTS launched a fan community on the Weverse app. Nobody is enjoying it more than Jin and ARMY! From roasts to puns, fans love Jin’s posts. These are 20 of his best this year!


1. “Give me the prize money”

Since Jin is so active on Weverse, a fan asked him why he hadn’t received a perfect attendance award. Jin simply said, “No one gave it to me..”

In response, Weverse created an award certificate just for Jin. It says, “For his excellent attendance record on BTS Weverse and his always-cheerful willingness to spend quality time with ARMY” – Presented on November 22, 2019”. 


Jin reacted as only Jin would. “Give me the prize money,” he said. An award means nothing without cash!


2. “Why are you sending me to heaven?”

Hul…Oppa, are you okay??” a fan wrote, “Didn’t it hurt??!! An angel fell from heaven…” 

“I’m not dead yet,” Jin wrote back. “why are you sending me to heaven?” As usual, ARMY’s cute pickup lines had no effect on this Savage King!


3. If you don’t know Goo Joon Pyo, you’re a spy

One of the many fans who fell for V‘s curls wrote, “Taehyung-oppa T-T You’re so, so cute T-T”. 


In reply, Jin brought up the leading man from Boys Over Flowers and gave fans a funny K-Drama history lesson.

Back in the days, a character by the name of Goo Joon Pyo was very popular.

— Jin


“Back then, if you didn’t know who Goo Joon Pyo was you would have been reported for being a spy.”


4. “How can a cotton ball like this do work?”

BT21‘s RJ is Jin’s “son”, but that didn’t stop Jin from slapping a fan with reality when they posted this: “RJ is working.”

“How can a cotton ball like this do work?” Jin replied.

5. “Password please”

After preordering the Bon Voyage 4 series, a fan left this super relatable comment: “yes yes my bank account is BTS’s now.” 


Password please,” Jin replied.


6. When he weighed in on the BTS Mattel dolls

A fan posted this photo of the dolls with the caption, “Hel..? lo.. oppas…….. ??????????”


Much to ARMY‘s delight, Jin wrote, “have to reflect, really”. Who does Jin think should be reflecting — himself or the dolls? Either way, fans loved it!


7. When he wasn’t about to let anyone jinx his game

A fan loved Jin’s frustrated (but adorable) reactions to playing Maple Story so much that they said, “I hope Maple Story never works out for him…”. Jin wasn’t having that.


Jin wrote back, “Were you the reason my item blew up?”


8. When he commented on a Jungkook thirst post

A fan posted these sexy Jungkook photos, saying that ramen and Jungkook are equally bad for their health.


Jungkook and ramen are bad for [my] health..

— Fan

Nobody expected Jin to reply, but he did!

Why on earth is Jungkook [bad for the health]

— Jin


9. “Why did the sticker move?”

When Jin tweeted two photos of himself shopping, he didn’t notice a tiny blunder before he posted them. In one photo, his sticker didn’t cover the brand name.


When fans pointed this out on Weverse, Jin lamented. “No I covered my shopping bag, why did the sticker move down?”


10. That time Suga pretended not to know him

When a fan posted about how much they love Suga’s blunt sense of humor, Jin shared a story about his own experience. “I was biking to work three days ago,” he began. “and I bumped into Yoongi, who was biking in from the other direction.” 

“Yoongi waved, there was no one around, so I wondered who he was and if I should wave back,” Jin continued. “I thought maybe his arm was injured and then I got a text [from him] asking why I bike like an uncle.” 


11. His “Chicken Noodle Soup” fail

Jin’s attempt at the #CNSChallenge didn’t go as planned. He said, “I flapped a couple times and gave up.” 

12. “Newsflash”

Two days before his vacation ended, Jin made this very important announcement.

[Newsflash] Bang PD-nim has no appetite, so I ordered chicken alone

— Jin


13. Drunk fashion

Some fans thought J-Hope’s sexy airport fashion was inspired by California styles, but Jin suggested a different influence.

“kekekeke J-Hope (must have) had a glass of wine.”

14. “Give it back”

This fan claimed to have found something precious of Jin’s: his wings.

Seokjin, I found your wings

— Fan

Jin flat-out told the fan to give them back! Without wings, this “angel” can’t fly.

??? give it back

— Jin


15. Jimin’s married life

A fan shared a post about being married to Jimin in a past life.

I wish I could at least see him for real…

What relationship was I in with my bias in my past life?
You and Park Jimin were married.


In reply, Jin said, “Why are so many [people] married to Park Jimin?”.

16. Wi-Fi in heaven

One fan claimed that RM’s visuals caused their soul to vacate their body.

Seeing this photo made me so happy that I parted from this world.


In response, Jin dropped this hilarious comment:

Is the Wi-Fi connection also good in heaven…

— Jin

17. Photoshopped muscles

In this post, Jin calls his (very real) muscles “Photoshopped”.


Fan: Seokjin-ah~ It’s here here~!
Reeeeaaally love you~

Jin: That’s photoshopped


18. Liberal arts major

“Please, help a Konkuk University student out,” wrote a fan struggling with their assignment. Jin reminded them that he attended the same school, but for acting!

Liberal arts major..

— Jin


19. “PD-nim is crying”

An ARMY compared Bang Si Hyuk to this eggplant, saying, “Bang PD nim why are you coming out of there???”. 


Instead of coming to poor Bang Si Hyuk’s defense by denying the resemblance, Jin replied, “PD nim is crying..”.


20. “go hospital plz”