BTS’s Jin Accidentally Turns Himself Into A Green Screen Meme

Here are ARMY’s funniest edits.

Today, BTS‘s Jin updated his Instagram with two new photos. In both, he wears a striped shirt while posing against a green screen.

| @jin/Instagram 

J-Hope: You’re fast? Jjin

Jin: A drink?

— J-Hope and Jin’s comments on Jin’s post

| @jin/Instagram

Little did he know that fans would turn his photos into memes. Here are ARMY’s best edits so far!

1. Meme-ception

One creative fan combined Jin’s photo with another popular meme: “Squatting Suga.”

| @kookslipmole/Twitter

2. What happens at dance practice…

…doesn’t stay at dance practice? ARMY brought back Jungkook‘s “Coming of Age Ceremony” dance from 2016!

3. Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag?

It’s hella trophies, and it’s hella thick!

| @kookslipmole/Twitter

4. Speaking of bags…

Here’s Jin modeling V‘s sold-out MUTE bag!

| @Tetedemami/Twitter

5. Taechwita

V’s “Daechwita” look became one of the most-memed BTS moments of 2021. Will Green Screen Jin take the crown?

| @Tetedemami/Twitter

6. The Strawberry Kings welcome you to their domain.

Here, try some!

| @Tetedemami/Twitter

7. What Jin is actually doing on vacation

| @Tetedemami/Twitter

8. Ayo Hitman Bang, he’s coming for your job!

“Jin Hit” is still going strong in 2022.

9. One large Lejindary pizza coming right up!

Where is this pizzeria, and how do we get there?

10. The “YoonJin” ship is sailing. Literally.

Is it time for another fishing trip?

11. Today’s weather forecast

12. What the “Super Tuna” album art might look like…

…according to ARMY.

| @Tetedemami/Twitter

13. Head & Worldwide Shoulders

Lather. Rinse. Repeat!

| @kookslipmole/Twitter

14. Here’s Jin hanging out with Jungkook and TXT’s Soobin

15. Making use of Jin’s worldwide shoulders

It’s free real estate!

| @Maisse51089073/Twitter