“Sold Out King” BTS’s V Explains Why His Custom-Made Brooches Are So Special To Him

There’s a backstory!

In addition to his “Mute” Boston Bag, BTS‘s V recently released his own self-designed merchandise.

One of the items he created was a set of unique brooches. The intricate design comes straight from the heart as V designed them by hand.

With his own characters and favorite colors, he created something personal, sentimental, and completely representative of himself.

When I usually draw, I like abstract things like this.

— V

Included with his signature nose bleeds, ARMYs might be reminded of his past work!

During In The Soop Season 2, his paintings bear a strong resemblance to his new brooch designs.

There are currently 3 types. Flower buddies, for those who love color.

Faces and Cloud Drops are the other two types for lovers of the abstract style.

You can own V’s own personal characters that can go just about anywhere!

His other merch item was also popular among fans. Check out the article below!

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