“Sold Out King” BTS’s V Strikes Again As His Self Designed Merch Sells Out In A Matter Of Seconds, And ARMYs Had The Funniest Reactions

“Was it one or two seconds?”

BTS excited fans at the end of last year when it was announced that each member would release their own self-designed merch. Since then, fans have been treated to pajamas, pillows, notebooks, and necklaces.

Recently, one member has caught the attention of fans for his designs, and it was BTS‘s V.


As expected from someone so stylish and artistic, V shared with fans two beautiful pieces of merchandise in the form of a sophisticated “Boston Bag” and an elegant brooch set.

The official pre-order release was scheduled for January 11 at 11 AM KST, and fans worldwide were waiting at their computers with bated breath to refresh the website and buy the products. However, they were in for the shock of their life. Many pointed out that the Boston Bag had already sold out as soon as 11 o’clock arrived, and they hit refresh.

While some couldn’t even access the website at the time, others showed videos of just how quickly the product sold out.

It isn’t uncommon for BTS products to sell out quickly. However, ARMYs were shocked when they realized just how quickly it happened. While many explained that it had all gone in just under a minute…

Some went even further, claiming that the product had been sold out within one or two seconds of the bag coming on sale.

Before the product was released on Weverse, Japanese fans said the bag was out of stock before the official time.

When fans realized just how quickly it had sold out, they couldn’t believe it, especially considering that many had waited patiently to make sure they didn’t miss the exact time it was released.

As expected from ARMYs, whenever any chaos happens when buying BTS products, social media was full of the best reactions to what happened on the Weverse store.

Others joked that if they ever saw ARMYs who were lucky enough to have bought one, they wouldn’t hesitate to commit a crime…

Even though ARMYs were upset that they couldn’t buy one and were even asking for a restock from Weverse, they weren’t surprised. V has regularly been called “Sold Out King” because of his ability to make things sell out. Whether it’s vintage wine

V took a selfie with this wine and it sold out | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Or clothes

BTS’s V sold out the jacket | Weverse

Whatever V has or promotes, ARMYs want! Considering how beautiful both pieces of merchandise are, it isn’t surprising that they sold out so quickly. With more members due to release their designs in the coming weeks, more competition will undoubtedly be to secure them.

Source: @TheTaePrint