BTS’s Jin Once Said They Practice 10+ Hours A Day… Here Are 10 GIFs Showing The Results

Practice does indeed make perfect.

In a previous coverage of SBS‘s 8 News, BTS‘s Jin shared in an interview that the group practices at least 7 to sometimes over 10 hours a day when an album is due. Jin said, “When we prepare for an album, we actually block out an entire month before it drops.” That is to say, in the duration of that month, BTS focus on mastering their choreographies and making it perfect to the most micro detail. RM added, “In the beginning, when we had debuted, we used to practice 12 to 15 hours a day.” What comes of these endless hours of practicing the same routine over and over and over again? BTS’s immaculate performances. They have become well known for putting up the most satisfying dance practice videos, thanks to the 300% synchronization captured in them. Here are 10 times BTS proved hard work pays off — with their moves in ultimate unison.

1. Black Swan

These two pictures from their “Black Swan” choreography may seem like they have been taken at the same time, but no. An entire three minutes and seventeen seconds passed.


Look at the height of this jump in “IDOL” choreography. The members practiced to make sure they are all up in the air at the same time, at the same height, for the same duration. That’s some attention to detail!

3. I’m Fine

If you look closely enough, you’ll see that this is actually two members dancing, not one.

4. Fake Love

This shows BTS’s moves from the first verse of “Fake Love” overlapped on the second verse. ARMYs became mind blown by how the members became shadows of themselves in this perfectly synchronized execution of the choreography.

5. Not Today

For “Not Today”, BTS had even the back up dancers synched to their speed.

6. Spring Day

“Spring Day” choreography featured some articulate hand and feet movements. The members carried them out in such unison that is always and forever satisfying to watch.

7. Blood, Sweat & Tears

This beloved GIF of BTS’s “Blood, Sweat & Tears” dance practice shows how their hours of practice pay off. Not only is the synchronization amazing, but also the symmetry is jaw dropping!

8. I Need U

Look again. This GIF combines two parts of the “I Need U” choreography that has Suga in the middle vs. Jungkook in the middle. You may not have noticed at first because regardless of who is in the middle, it will look all the same.

9. Dope

BTS’s “Dope” choreography consists of short, quick movements that are thus difficult to do in unison. But do BTS members ever fall short in the face of difficulties? Never.

10. Boy In Luv

Even in their rookie days, “perfection” has always been the goal. For “Boy In Luv”, Jungkook had fans mesmerized with his magical power to sync his hyungs to his moves.

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