Netizens Can’t Stop Raving Over BTS Jin’s Godly Side Profile — 15 Moments Proving He’s Flawless

#7 is a legendary moment.

Known for his handsome face, BTS‘s Jin is the definition of a visual! Recently, netizens shared some of his best moments showcasing his stunning side profile. Check out some of the moments below that prove his face is a work of art!

1. The ending of “Fake Love” is the perfect example of Jin’s flawless profile.

2. Eyes, nose, lips — Everything is perfect!

| @JingleBell_1204/Twitter

3. Jin’s manly side is *chef’s kiss*

| @eluceo_himes/Twitter

4. He’s known as “Worldwide Handsome” for a reason.

5. He looks like a porcelain doll in this photoshoot with Naver x Dispatch.

| Naver X Dispatch

6. Years go by, but his perfect face never changes — Just check out how handsome he was back in 2013!

| @jinpinkade6696/Twitter

7. He makes a candid moment on stage look like a magazine pictorial.

| @alittlebraver92/Twitter

8. ARMYs love boyfriend material Jin the most!

9. Is this a classic movie of a first love or Jin at an awards ceremony?

| ten seconds

10. He shined brightest at BTS’s recent Busan concert.

| @alittlebraver92/Twitter

11. Models are lucky that Jin chose music.

| @mingga92/twitter

12. Do you prefer the white button-up shirt look…

| @shineonme_jin/Twitter

13. …or an all black style?


14. Bonus: Blonde Jin was seriously iconic.

| in common

15. He’s a visual legend.

Source: theqoo