BTS’s Jin Proves Himself As The King Of Thom Browne — Here Are 8 Of His Best Looks In The Luxury Brand

These clothes are as expensive as he is.

As a brand, Thom Browne is classic, mature, and expensive — Just like BTS‘s Jin! Not only is this brand a perfect match for him image-wise, he also wears it on the regular. Check out 8 of his best looks rocking Thom Browne that will convince you he’s the king of the brand!

1. Reversible Cashmere Jacket

The jacket he wore with his captain look during behind-the-scenes footage from his “BE Log” retails for over $3,000 USD.

2. The Mohari Aran 4-Bar Cable Cardigan

This cozy cardigan he wore to a Love Myself Campaign video is no ordinary cardigan! It retails for $790 USD.

The delicate and casual style looks almost too good on his broad shoulders.

3. Whale Icon Intarsia Pullover

This whale sweater is completely on-brand with Jin’s style.

It’s cute, soft, and oversized — and $590 USD.

4. Whale Tail Straight Fit Oxford Shirt

Jin kept the whale theme going with this white button-up shirt while reviewing BTS’s album, BE.

The quirky shirt featuring an adorable whale tail popping out of the front pocket goes for $480 USD.

5. Boxy T-Shirt

The simple oversized shirt goes for $380 USD…

…but Jin’s boyfriend material look while watching BTS’s movie Break The Silence is priceless!

6. Center-Back Stripe Zip-Up Hoodie

A plain grey hoodie isn’t of Jin’s taste…

…but a $890 USD Thom Browne hoodie is!

7. Matte Nylon Down Vest

Over $1.5K USD will get you Jin’s vest…

…the price of his heart, however, has yet to be determined!

8. Envelope Messenger Bag

This gorgeous go-to satchel is perfect for all his essentials…and only costs $1900 USD!

Source: TheQoo