Here Are The Winners From Twitter’s Most Prestigious 2019 Kim Seok Jin Awards

Yes, you read that correctly.

2019 is almost over, which means ’tis the season for all kinds of glorious end-of-the-year awards ceremonies. And so, in the world of Twitter, ARMYs held the most prestigious 2019 Kim Seok Jin Awards. Here are the winners, chosen by the cheekiest ARMYs celebrating BTS Jin‘s awesomeness this year!


1. Best Run BTS! Moment Award

Among Jin’s precious “Seokjinnie is upset” aegyo, his passionate “Oing”s, and his most epic poker face moments, fierce was the competition for the 2019 Kim Seok Jin Awards “Best Run BTS Moment Award”. The winner is… Jin’s peachy-pink “Pick Yourself” moment from Run BTS! episode 80.


2. Best Epiphany Performance Award

All of Jin’s “Epiphany” performances have wowed ARMYs throughout 2019. From “France-phany” to “Saudi-phany”, ARMYs had more than enough from which they could choose. The winner though? Jin’s most gorgeous “Hair-Pulled-Back-Phany” took the honor!


3. Best Event During Concerts Award

Among all the silly little things that Jin pulls on stage while performing tour concerts around the world — such as his a-dork-able fake eye glasses or his hipster disco earring frenzy — ARMYs came to decide that his ARMY Bomb shoulder kiss


4. Best Era Award

ARMYs know, every second that Jin has been a part of BTS has also been his best “era”. But, for the 2019 Kim Seok Jin Awards, the nominees included his “Tonight” era, “Dionysus” era, and more. Indisputably, however, his collection of “Epiphany” eras won the Best Era Award!


5. Best Outfit Award

Again, the competition was absolutely fierce for Jin’s Best Outfit Award. Among “Choker-Jin”, “Gucci-Jin”, and other worldwide handsome Jin-s… the “Musical Notes Jin” became the winner of the 2019 Kim Seok Jin Awards Best Outfit Award!


6. Best Awards Ceremony Award

From AAA to MGA, and BMA to MAMA, there have been a plenty of awards ceremonies where Jin boasted his most handsome and accomplished self. Among all the dressed-to-impress versions of Jin, his presence at the 2018 MGA won the Best Awards Ceremony Award!


7. Best Quote Award

So it may have been extremely difficult for ARMYs to cast votes on this one, as Jin has never been shy of being vocal and leaving Weverse responses. From everything he has ever said, the best Jinquote turned out to be… his tear-filled speech from 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong!


8. Best Part in Persona Award

ARMYs agree it has been a good string of years with Jin’s heavenly voice enchanting the K-Pop world in multiple BTS albums — especially the beaut that is their “Persona” album. So as complicated as choosing the winner of this particular award has been… The Best Part in Persona Award goes to… his masyeo masyeo masyeo masyeo from “Dionysus”.


9. Daesang: Best Kim Seok Jin Award

And finally, the moment all ARMYs have been waiting for: the grand prize “2019 Best Kim Seok Jin Award” rightfully belongs to… both “Tonight Jin” and “Dimple Jin”! Fans know, however, that there hasn’t been a single day since Jin’s debut that he didn’t bless ARMYs. All playfulness aside, the truth is: the Best Kim Seok Jin Award belongs to all 82,309,689 (and more) versions of Jin — working hard to make good music, put on awesome shows, and ultimately satsify ARMYs!