10 More of BTS Jungkook’s Habits That Just Prove He’s Our Golden Maknae

What a cutie!

Everything BTS‘s Jungkook does, ARMYs adore. But nothing can truly drive them as crazy in love as do these 10 undeniably UWU “habits” that he has!

1. Plucking His Bunny Hairs

Whenever he gets a chance, Jungkook can be seen grooming himself…

… by plucking at his baby hairs on his cheeks!

2. Yawning With His Nose Covered

While most people cover their mouths when yawning…

… Jungkook likes to cover his nose.

3. Pointing At His Brain

Whenever Jungkook has to think about something, he will point at where the work is getting done.

4. Staring Into People’s Souls

This is Jungkook being affectionately attentive to his hyungs

… but thanks to the size of his cartoon-y big eyes, it looks like he is staring into their souls.

5. Wearing His Backpacks With Style

When Jungkook sports a backpack to go with his outfit…

… he wears it with style. One strap down his arm, because that is fashion. Look it up!

6. Scrunching His Bunny Nose

Jungkook’s “nose scrunches” are well known and 1,000% adored by ARMYs.

7. Keeping His Hands Warm Under His Steel Thighs

Jungkook likes to tuck his bunny paws away…

… right under his thighs of steel. What a convenient way to keep himself warm…!

8. Showing Off All His Healthy Teeth

Sometimes, Jungkook puts on a smile that is simply too big and too bright…

… and it ends up looking like he’s showing off all of his pearly whites.

9. Giving Himself A Mustache

One of Jungkook’s favorite poses when being photographed…

… is this finger mustache he gives himself for extra swag.

10. Strutting His Blazer For More Heat

And when Jungkook feels like being one badass hottie on stage…

… he will almost always strut his blazer, by tugging at the collar like this! (Sizzles)

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