10+ Times BTS’s Jungkook Was The Boyfriend You’ll Never Have

Let’s all cry together…all 50 million of us.

Have you ever looked at a man and thought, “He’s cute, but he’s no Jeon Jungkook?” If so, you’re probably an ARMY.

Being a BTS stan isn’t always easy, and part of the struggle is knowing that real life is not fan fiction; we can’t all be Y/N! So, if you’re in the mood for self-inflicted suffering, we’ve got you covered. Here are just 10+ of the many, many times Jungkook was the boyfriend we’ll never have.

1. No boyfriend? That sounds like a “you” problem.

During an Instagram Q&A, an ARMY jokingly blamed Jungkook for their dating woes. “I like oppa so much that I can’t get a boyfriend,” they wrote. “Are you going to take responsibility for it?”

| @jungkook.97/Instagram

Like a K-Drama villain, Jungkook laughed and told the fan, “I guess nothing can be done…I’m sorry.” 

BTS’s Jungkook | HYBE

2. This rollerskating “date”

For The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, BTS took “Dynamite” to the roller rink. Some members were skilled skaters, others…not so much. was like a newborn calf on wheels, but Jungkook made sure he didn’t hurt himself.

(Who else is adding “must be a pro skater” to their Ideal Type List?)

3. When he tied Jin’s shoelaces

In K-Dramas, some characters show affection by tying their love interest’s shoelaces.

| True Beauty/tvN 

Jungkook always takes care of his loved ones, but he’s especially attentive when they need extra help. When Jin injured his hand, Jungkook tied his laces for him.

4. Need help with a lid? Say no more.

Some people struggle to open jars and bottles even when they aren’t injured. (It’s tricky, okay?) During the “Shark Fin Seokjin” era, when Jin wore a cast, Jungkook opened this water bottle for him without being asked.

5. Who wants to cuddle?

Many people enjoy snuggling with close friends and partners. Jungkook often shows love for his members through hugs and cuddles. (And those sweater paws? Freaking adorable.)

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

6. Your personal bodyguard

The airport can be a dangerous place for idols due to mobbing. Jungkook keeps an eye on his members to see if they need help. If they do, he goes out of his way to escort them from point A to point B.

Jungkook helped J-Hope get to their car first, then joined him, taking the window seat closest to the crowd.

7. Want to come over and see his cat?

No, we aren’t referring to Suga! During an Instagram Q&A, Jungkook updated fans on the latest “Netflix and chill” slang. He later told his members, “Ah, it’s the upgrade version of ‘Do you want to come and eat ramyeon with me‘.”


8. Every single one of these heart-pounding eye contact moments.

(Gaze into his doe eyes at your own risk!)

9. This sneaky kiss

Jin wasn’t too thrilled when Jungkook kissed his ankle instead of tugging down his pant leg, but hey…

We’re not complaining!

10. He gives the best hugs. Period.

Can we have one, too?

Pretty please?

11. Get you a man who looks at you like this “little one” looks at his “first and last role model.”

This bond between Jungkook and RM is just too precious.