BTS’s “Bodyguard Jungkook” Protects J-Hope At Incheon Airport, Shows True Personality 

He guided J-Hope to safety.

Whether it’s on stage or in public, Jungkook is always looking out for his BTS members. Incheon Airport was no exception.

BTS’s Jungkook

On June 2 (KST), six of BTS’s seven members arrived back in Korea from the U.S, where they had discussed anti-Asian hate crimes with President Joe Bidenleft Washington early to attend the VIP premiere for Kang Dong Won’s movie Broker. 

BTS’s V at Incheon Airport

BTS’s arrival at Incheon Airport was met with a massive crowd of reporters and fans, who mobbed the members on the way to their vehicles.

Although BTS’s airport arrivals always attract an entourage, this crowd was noticeably larger than usual, magnifying fans’ concerns for BTS’s safety.

In the midst of this chaos, Jungkook politely greeted reporters with “V” finger signs…

…and bowed as he made his way out of the airport.

Jungkook also stayed alert, keeping an eye on his members. When he noticed J-Hope behind him in the crowd, he briefly became a bodyguard himself.

Jungkook helped J-Hope get to their car first, then joined him, taking the window seat closest to the crowd.

While waiting to leave, Jungkook continued to wave and bow right up until the last moment.

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Fans are now praising Jungkook for taking care of his hyung and proving once again that he’s the type of friend everyone needs.

Watch BTS’s airport arrival here:

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