BTS’s V Returned To South Korea Ahead Of The Other Members For A Touching Reason

True friendship!

BTS has just wrapped up their round of schedules at the White House. The boys had flown over to give an interview and discussed the topic of Asian Hate and more with President Biden.

While the other members were seen having fun with various celebrities such as Chris Martin, H.E.R and more…

BTS Gets Dinner With Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Visits An Arcade With H.E.R., And More While In The US

… V had quietly made his return to South Korea in the early morning of June 2, 2022. This meant that he had hopped a flight on June 1, 2022, to make it back. As fans were perplexed to see him return to Incheon Airport in the wee hours, Korean media had the answer as to why he had come back early.

V at Incheon Airport.

The reason was simple — friendship! V is known to be close friends with actor Kang Dong Won. Kang Dong Won’s latest movie, Broker, will be hosting its VIP premiere on June 2, 2022, in Seoul. V had especially returned from America early to attend the VIP premiere in support of his friend. Kang Dong Won invited him to both the Cannes and Seoul premieres but V could only make it to the one in Seoul.

V and Kang Dong Won. | theqoo

The other members will be returning to Korea on the same day but later in the evening. BTS’s V and Kang Dong Won likely got close through their common connection to the Geochang county in South Korea. V was born in Daegu and later grew up in Geochang. Kang Dong Won was similarly from Geochang. What a touching show of loyalty and friendship!

Source: Star News