4 Ways BTS’s Jungkook Has Changed Since He Was Young

His hyungs helped him a lot!

BTS‘s Jungkook started pursuing his dreams from a young age, and many things have changed since he was young.

BTS’s Jungkook pre-debut
BTS’s Jungkook now

Here are 4 ways Jungkook has changed since he was young.

1. His shyness

When BTS guested on Mnet‘s New Yang Nam Show, the hyungs shared that Jungkook used to be extremely shy. If someone asked Jungkook to sing, he wouldn’t be able to because of his shyness.

If someone continuously asked Jungkook to sing, then he would cry!

Jungkook got over his shyness with time, and his hyungs couldn’t help but smile when looking at how much Jungkook has grown!

2. Being more understanding

In an interview, Jungkook was asked how he has changed in the last 5 years. He shared that he used to play a lot of pranks and had a lot of pride. However, after meeting his hyungs, Jungkook became calmer. Not only that, Jungkook became more understanding of other people.

Jungkook now thinks about other people’s feelings first before thinking about his!

3. Allowing ARMYs to call him “oppa

In the past, Jungkook “wasn’t a fan” of ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) calling him oppaOppa is an affectionate term that women use to address older males. At a fansign, an ARMY yelled out, “Jungkook oppa,” and Jungkook quickly told her that he wasn’t her oppa!

He then told ARMYs that they would now have to bring their ID cards so that he could check their ages!

As time passed, Jungkook got more used to being called oppa, and now doesn’t mind it!

4. His confidence

In an episode of tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, Jungkook revealed that he struggled during BTS’s early days because he questioned himself as the group’s main vocalist.

After I debuted, I was the main vocal. The main vocals of other groups were great singers, dancers, handsome, and cool. ‘What am I?’ ‘Can I be the main vocal of this team?’

— Jungkook

Jungkook then started working tirelessly to improve!

I had to show improvements and accomplishments. I thought that the only person who could act and make a change was myself. From that moment, I deleted the idea of vocal training an hour in my head. In the car, in the shower, of the 24 hours in a day, I tried to sing and was singing during every possible minute.

— Jungkook

With time, Jungkook started becoming more confident, and his hyungs saw this!


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