BTS Reveals How Jungkook’s True Personality Changed Since Debut

“He started all of this before understanding himself.”

Since debuting at only 15 years old, Jungkook has undergone many changes throughout the years as a member of BTS.

Suga revealed that he felt sympathetic towards Jungkook for debuting so young since he didn’t quite understand himself yet.

He noted that this was a struggle for Jungkook, as it would be for most teenagers who are suddenly thrust into a demanding job with immense responsibility.

However, as he’s matured over the years, Suga said that Jungkook has overcome these internal struggles and is much more confident in himself.

V added another big change Jungkook went through.

Compared to how he was before and now, Jungkook is the most understanding now.

— V

J-Hope agreed and added that he has a bigger heart nowadays.

The members remembered when they weren’t allowed to have any of his food or use his things. Jungkook had his own spot for everything and didn’t share as much, like most teens.

However, Suga argued that Jungkook has always had a big heart. As he’s become more mature and aware of the others’ feelings, they’re able to see it more.

Being the humble guy he is, Jungkook attributed all of his positive changes to how his hyungs have raised him.

Everyone couldn’t be more proud of the thoughtful and selfless young man Jungkook has become!

Jungkook at the Melon Music Awards 2020 | Big Hit Entertainment

Watch their full discussion about how he changed below!