BTS’s Jungkook Absolutely Loves His Co-ord Sets – 5 Moments Where He Dressed Matchy-Matchy

He has this one set in 7 colors.

BTS‘s Jungkook is known for many things – being cute, being talented, being pure, being tall, basically for being perfect. Well…almost. God is fair it seems – they didn’t give him the best sense of fashion! But, when you look like a walking statue, who cares what you wear? Jungkook often goes for convenience and comfort over looking stylish, unless he’s on stage, as he should. This is probably why he favors co-ord sets! Here’s 5 iconic ones of his.

1. This checkered Balenciaga set

| theqoo

It may look plain, but it is far from being cheap. The set together costs $2665 USD, for what our grandparents might own in their closets. They better be made of angel feathers if that’s the price we’re paying through our nose for! Jungkook, of course, looks adorable in it.

| theqoo

2. This neon green checkered set

Sometimes we think he wears pyjama-like clothes out on purpose – what better outfit to sneak a nap in when you’re between shoots?

| theqoo

3. His beloved modernized hanbok

| theqoo

You may not be able to call yourself an army if you don’t know this one. Jungkook loves his modernized hanbok set so much he has it in 7 colors, and possibly more! Fun fact, due to his love for this, the site sold out their stocks a couple of times, and the design is still reportedly a steady seller!

| theqoo

4. Comfy in his hoodie and sweats

He looks so good in just the casual set that we might want to sue. The fact that he’s wearing it with bedroom slippers and has one leg propped up like he’s in his living room makes it all the more endearing.

| theqoo

5. This edgy black set

He loved his co-ords, even back in his debut days! We’re not sure what’s going on with his outfit but we’re loving the throwback to back when wired earphones were a thing.

There’s a saying in Korea, “pae-wan-eol“, directly meaning the face completes the fashion! No one can deny that Jungkook looks absolutely stunning in all of these, no matter what he’s wearing.

Source: theqoo