Here Are 12 Times BTS’s Jungkook Copied His Hyungs

He couldn’t resist it in #7. 😂

Jungkook loves his BTS hyungs so much, he can’t resist copying just about everything they do. Like a real baby brother, he wants to be just like them! Check out 12 of the cutest moments he proved he learns best from his bros.

1. Breaking the rules

Jimin cheated and Jungkook learned instantly what he had to do.

2. Being an angry bunny

Bunny see, bunny do!

3. Swaying with the wind

Members who sway together, stay together.

Did someone hear an echo?

4. Learning Jin’s legendary hand kiss

He mastered the head motion and everything.

5. Posing for photoshoots

If the hyungs tilt their heads, he will, too.

6. Copying weird hand signs

V loves to goof off…

…and Jungkook learns fast!

7. Failing to study

Friends don’t let friends do weird things…

| BTS Fancafe/Daum


| BTS Fancafe/Daum

8. Putting out a candle with his fingers

Jungkook can’t resist copying something when his Jimin does it…

| Run BTS!/Naver

…and especially when it’s a little dangerous!

| Run BTS!/Naver

9. Blowing out candles with his nose

However, a strange stunt pulled by the second youngest is just as tempting.

| Run BTS!/Naver

Goodbye, flames!

| Run BTS!/Naver

10. Making arm hearts

Love all around.

11. Poking his cheek and pouting


| @comma_bts/Twitter

…and paste!

| @comma_bts/Twitter

12. Mimicking random noises

Is he more like a parrot or a baby brother?