Here Are BTS Jungkook’s Top 10 Squishiest Moments, Ranked By Fans

Prepare yourself for #6. 👶

Jungkook may be cool and charismatic, but as BTS‘s maknae, he’s forever ARMY’s baby! Check out his top 10 cutest moments according to fans in a recent Twitter poll below.

10. Brushing his hair during BTS: Bon Voyage Season 3

The only thing cuter than his long hair is the way he manages it!

9. Young Jungkook celebrating Christmas in 2013

With only a smile and a few blinks, he found his way into every ARMY’s heart.

8. Hydration, but make it adorable

“Googie” emerges in full swing when he stands like this.

7. Running away with the selfie camera because he can

If lost bunny is found, please return to owner: Kim ARMY!

6. Breaking hearts with a single pout

Wait for it…

5. Doing his “What time is it?” dance

Jungkook makes even the most mundane questions ridiculously adorable.

4. All he wanted was a chance to answer the question

Someone call on him, please!

3. When a grown man claps, smiles, and becomes a cinnamon roll

No explanation needed for this cuteness.

2. Your daily serotonin boost

With 311 votes, this precious moment took second place!

1. “No chicken”

No context needed for chubby-cheeked Kookie saying “no chicken!” with 366 votes!


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