10 Hilarious ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Jungkook Suddenly Deleting His Instagram

#7 is a mood.

BTS‘s Jungkook shocked fans when he suddenly decided to delete his personal Instagram account following his recent livestream. With over 50M followers, the account will be dearly missed. Check out some of the most relatable reactions from ARMY to the sudden news.

1. We can’t stop reminiscing about the good times.

The first and last joined livestream will be missed.

2. The moment we all found out went something like this.

The recent livestream totally distracted us!

3. It feels like yesterday when he made his account.

It only existed for two years, but it will be missed dearly.

4. Now what are ARMYs on Instagram supposed to do?

Time to switch apps.

5. Throwback to some of his best moments on Instagram.

We will never forget these endless (and hilarious) stories!

6. He picked Iron Man over Winnie the Pooh…

…just like he picked Weverse over Instagram!

7. Nobody was prepared when this happened.

We will need another few business days to process this.

8. It’s time to take over another app!

Will it be TikTok?

9. This whole situation is classic Jungkook.

He doesn’t care about the superficial things — and we love him for it!

10. In reality, he doesn’t even need an Instagram account to break records.

He’s iconic wherever he goes!