Here Are The 3 Most Artistic Moments From BTS Jungkook’s “G.C.F in Helsinki”

Jungkook’s genius is showing.

On December 27, 2019, BTS‘s Jungkook shared his latest addition to the “G.C.F” collection — his series of self-filmed-and-edited videos sharing BTS’s adventures in different parts around the world. In this video, Jungkook captured Finland’s most grandiose scenery, along with his teammates’ finest visuals. ARMYs are once again mind-blown by his pure artistic talent. Here are three of the most artistic moments from “G.C.F in Helsinki”.


1. RM Turning Into A Tree

When RM smiles, the ambiance changes completely from pale blue to warm sepia. Could it be, to Jungkook, RM-hyung has that same effect — of bringing warmth to his surrounding?


2. Jimin Turning Into V

From Jimin of vibrant fall colors to V of solemn winter colors, this transition is 200% aesthetically pleasing — not only because of their synced poses, but also because of the synced music too.


3. Dark Turning Into Light

The final 40 seconds of “G.C.F in Helsinki” is absolute bliss. This “dawning” end captured in the video has provoked all kinds of emotions among viewers — including loneliness for some, gratitude for others.


Bonus: The Funniest Moment

(Sniff) I apologize.

— Jungkook

Source: THEQOO