4 Times BTS’s Jungkook Got “Payback” On His Hyungs

Jungkook had his eyes set on Jimin on #2!

BTS‘s Jungkook constantly gets teased by his hyungs, but sometimes, he gets “payback” on them. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Getting V into a pool

Some of the BTS members were playing at a pool, and V decided to be playful and pushed Jimin into the water!

| Peach Boy/YouTube

The other members found this hilarious, and V then surprised Jungkook by pushing him into the water.

| Peach Boy/YouTube

Jungkook soon emerged from the water and started walking towards V.

| Peach Boy/YouTube

Jimin also emerged from the water, and he and Jungkook tried to get V into the water. While V did get into the water, Jimin pushed Jungkook along with him!

| Peach Boy/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!

2. Hitting Jimin with a snowball

When some of the members were having a snowball fight, Jimin had his eyes on Jungkook. Jimin, however, instead of throwing the snowball at Jungkook, threw it at their manager.

| thatBTS_girl.PpiperAugust/YouTube

Jungkook later came with a giant snowball, and he had his eyes on one person, Jimin!

| thatBTS_girl.PpiperAugust/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!

3. Splashing his hyungs with water

In episodes 131 and 132 of Run BTS!, the members did several rounds of debates, with 2 teams consisting of 3 members and one moderator. There were certain forbidden words and actions in each debate. If these forbidden words or actions were said or done, the staff would blast them with water and drench the moderator. When Jungkook was the moderator, his hyungs found out that the forbidden action was hitting the table, and they did the action on purpose multiple times!

This led to Jungkook getting drenched with water multiple times!

Jungkook got his revenge, as at a later debate, he found out that the forbidden action was touching their goggles.

Jungkook touched his goggles multiple times on purpose, and his hyungs got soaked.

One member who especially got soaked was the moderator of that round, V!

4. Getting payback when V sabotaged him

In episode 133 of Run BTS!, BTS searched the internet to find past content from the show. Jungkook had a handicap as he had to use a gigantic keyboard. After losing a few rounds to the other members, V decided to sabotage Jungkook.

Jungkook then pulled out the spacebar from his giant keyboard and jokingly “yanked” at V!

The members couldn’t help but laugh at their playful maknae!


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