Here Are 30 Photos Of Jungkook During BTS’s HYYH Era That Show How Much He Grew Up

Every Jungkook stan remembers #9.

BTS‘s HYYH era lives on eternally in our hearts — and so does Jungkook from that time period. Check out how much he grew from the release of BTS’s single “I Need U” all the way to “Fire!”

1. “I Need U” era began when Jungkook was only 17 years old.

2. Nobody can forget the iconic point choreography!

3. BTS took on a pure and natural concept.

4. Meanwhile, Jungkook tried some thin mixed highlights.

5. You can see them much more clearly under the light.

6. Try not to squeal challenge: Failed.

7. Soon after, the legendary era of “Dope” began!

8. Jungkook left everyone shook with his police officer look.

9. Everyone remembers when he posted this selfie.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

10. He matured so much during this time.

11. You can feel the confidence in his performances!

12. Officer Jungkook can arrest me any day.

13. BTS released “Run” after Jungkook turned 18.

14. You know what that means: Leather jackets…

15. …and leather pants!

16. Jungkook can digest any concept.

17. From pure and innocent at the airport…

18. …to a charismatic actor in the music video.

19. Months later, BTS’s energetic anthem “Fire” was released.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

20. Raise your hand if you love this music video. 🙋

21. His model-like body ratio is insane.

22. He still has a baby face, though.

23. This era was a blessing for Jungkook stans.

24. This aesthetic album concept is perfect.

25.  Just a bunny in a parachute.

26. Behind the scenes, he’s just as perfect.

27. Here’s a GIF from “Young Forever” in case you wanted to cry today.

28. Overall, Jungkook grew up so well during these eras.

29. He entered as a boy and left as a man!

30. Our Golden Maknae can do it all.

Check out how Jungkook grew up since BTS’s debut below!

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Source: TheQoo