15 Times BTS’s Chaotic Duo Jungkook And Jin Did Anything To Annoy Each Other

#6 is so them!

BTS‘s oldest and youngest member have more in common than you might think! Jin and Jungkook play whenever they get the chance and things can get aggressive. Take a look at 15 moments they stopped at nothing to annoy each other.

1. Jungkook won’t stop leaning on Jin…and Jin won’t stop avoiding him!

2. The battle rages on.

3. Who will be the first one to unhook their arm?

4. They’re so extra in the best way.

5. Washing your hands in peace? Think again.

6. Grabbing each other’s butts is a normal occurrence.

7. First one to exit the other’s pocket loses!

8. They act like real-life brothers.

9. A flashlight for a flashlight makes the whole world blind.

10. It’s the never-ending saga of Jungkook leaning and Jin resisting.

11. Playfighting is their specialty.

12. The way they greet each other just screams, “Jinkook.”

13. This is how they pass the time between takes.

14. Remember that all this is going down on stage.

15. They’re the hilarious duo ARMYs love!

Source: TheQoo