Here Are 10 Moments From BTS Jungkook’s “Mini Concert” Live Broadcast That You Might Have Missed

Did you catch #6?

BTS‘s Jungkook recently went live to give ARMYs their own personal concert where he sang along to various songs, danced around, and had a blast at 1 AM! Check out 10 moments you might have missed from the livestream below.

1. Jungkook being a freestyle pro during “Wings”

We could watch him dance forever!

2. Singing along to “smile again” by blackbear

You might have missed the first song he sang! The beautiful rendition even earned him a Twitter shoutout from the artist.

3. Doing a finger heart just for ARMYs

The way he reads that comment will melt your heart.

4. Being a king of English

His little requests in English are seriously too adorable!

5. Of course, the legendary “Baepsae” hip thrust

Bonus points for the pajamas.

6. This adorable moment when he was shocked

“How To Be Adorable Without Trying” — A novel by Jungkook

7. This precious bunny habit he’s had since, like, forever

Some things never change!

8. When he was singing along and might have dropped a curse word

Admit it: You love hearing the maknae sing all the words!

9. Pushing his hair back…like this

The results are in: It’s totally hot.

10. Every moment he had this beautiful smile on his face

We missed him so much! 💜

Check out more from his broadcast below!

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