The 11 Cutest Moments From BTS Jungkook’s Livestream That You Might Have Missed

He’s too precious!

BTS‘s Jungkook talked about everything on his recent livestream. From revealing what happened to his piercings to sharing his weight loss routine, he never ran out of topics! In between all of this, however, were some of his cutest moments. Check out some of the things you might have missed that Jungkook said and did below!

1. Yawned into his long sleeve

2. Told a secret…to millions of ARMY

3. Adorably fixed his hair

4. Made all the hand hearts for ARMY

5. Didn’t give away any spoilers

6. Sang a little bit of Suga’s “That That”

7. Had a sudden realization

8. Tried to convince everyone the drinks weren’t getting to him

9. Spoke some words of comfort

10. Showed off a hidden talent

11. He shared some TMI