9 Iconic “Jungkook Things” That Happen During His Livestreams Only

#3 is already a certified classic.

Known for his eccentric personality and interests, there’s never a dull moment when BTS‘s Jungkook decides to go live on Weverse! Check out some of the best moments that are just “Jungkook things” that only he would do.

1. Showing everyone his underwear

At least he’s folding them neatly.

2. Getting shocked at his own bad eyesight

Anyone who has glasses can resonate with this.

3. His entire saga of summoning ghosts

He just wanted a friend.

4. Doing impressions of impressions

We expect nothing less from the meme king.

5. When he wanted to take a quick rest but started snoring

Falling asleep during a livestream is just another night for him.

6. Doing laundry in middle of the night

Who needs sunlight anyways?

7. Losing his mind from delicious food

The more dramatic reaction, the better!

8. Showing off his boxing skills

Whatever he’s up to lately, he wants to show ARMY what he’s been doing.

9. Making the funniest drunk promises

Your secret is safe with all 60 million of us.


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