3 True Stories Of People Who Accidentally Met BTS’s Jungkook

A fan once decided to get drunk after seeing Jungkook!

Over the years, some people have shared stories of unexpectedly meeting BTS‘s Jungkook. Here are 3 of these stories.

1. Fan running into Jungkook at a restaurant

When the BTS members were on vacation, a fan ran into Jungkook at a restaurant. The original poster (OP) shared that there were 3 tables occupied at the restaurant. One by herself and her friends, one by a fan in her 40s with her son, and one by Jungkook. The OP and her friends initially pretended not to notice Jungkook since they wanted to respect his privacy.

BTS’s Jungkook

The older fan later asked the restaurant owner to ask Jungkook if it would be okay for her to get an autograph. Jungkook happily said yes, and the restaurant owner told Jungkook that the OP and her friends were also fans. Jungkook came over to the OP and her friends and asked them for their names, and while the OP and her friends felt sorry for getting Jungkook’s autograph on his vacation time, they told him their names!

The older fan then asked Jungkook for a handshake, and Jungkook gave it! Jungkook then offered to shake hands with the OP and her friends! Jungkook soon left the restaurant and wished everyone well.

2. Fan getting excited when spotting Jungkook

During BTS’s guest appearance on Cultwo Show, a fan sent a message that read, “As I met with my friend and were about to go drink, I saw Jungkook.”

This fan got excited from seeing Jungkook and shared, “I drank until I couldn’t tell if I was drunk or if the drink had drank me.”

This incident happened in Hongdae, and Jungkook shared that he went there to gather his thoughts. While at Hongdae, Jungkook saw some people covering BTS’s music.

Jungkook decided to watch the performances, and he laughingly shared that he almost joined the performers!

3. YouTuber YAN meeting Jungkook

Korean YouTuber YAN shared on Instagram that he accidentally bumped into Jungkook, and he had nothing but nice things to say! He shared a photo that he took with Jungkook.

| @yan.youtube/Instagram

“I was wondering who it was under that hat,” he wrote in the caption. He also wrote, “BTS’s Jungkook. I feel like he’s one of the most modest world-class stars in the world…”