7 Of The Funniest Reactions To BTS Jungkook’s Stance On The “Perilla Leaf” Debate

The perilla leaf is just the start to Jungkook 😂

In the latest segment of BTS‘s MBTI Lab, the members finally gave their thoughts on the famous Perilla Leaf debate. While the members shared their strong opinions on the matter, Jungkook‘s stance left fans charmed by his romantic side yet laughing at how quickly he’d get jealous. Here are the seven funniest fan reactions to make you laugh even more.


1. Peel the perilla leaf today, and you’re married tomorrow.

2. Jungkook’s significant other might not want to think about peeling someone else’s leaf.

3. Jungkook is definitely not ordering perilla leaf for the table.

4. The next thing you know, they’ll be kissing.

5. Where there’s perilla peeling, there’s danger.

6. Don’t peel a perilla leaf if you’re not ready for the next step.

7. For Jungkook’s happiness, ARMY can eat all the perilla leaves.


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