10 Times BTS’s Jungkook Was The Ultimate RM Fan

ARMY will never love RM as much as Jungkook does.

BTS‘s Jungkook is RM‘s #1 Fan, and nobody can take that title away from him, not even ARMY! Here are just 10 of the many times Jungkook proved it.


1. When he showered RM with compliments

Recently, BTS broadcasted their comeback special, BTS 꿀FM 06.13 : Comeback Special. During the show, Jungkook couldn’t stop singing his leader’s praises!


2. When he said he wanted to learn English to help RM

Jungkook revealed that RM is a big reason why he wants to become fluent in English. If his skills improve, he can help RM answer more questions during English interviews.


3. That time he “accidentally” retweeted RM fanart

On March 22, a tweet featuring RM fanart was retweeted (then quickly unretweeted!) by BTS’s personal Twitter account. Many fans believe Jungkook was the one who made this “mistake” because he posted his own artwork shortly after.


4. When he shyly told RM that he’s cool

Jungkook couldn’t help telling RM that he was “cool” when BTS went up on stage to accept an award at the 2019 EDaily Culture Awards. We 100% agree!


5. When he stayed to watch RM’s “Persona” MV shoot

In BTS’s comeback special, RM revealed that the members had come to support him at his music video shoot, even though it was their day off. They embarrassed him a bit by watching him “with affection”, but he appreciated the support.

The two members who stuck around the longest were (unsurprisingly) Jimin and Jungkook. Like Jungkook says, that’s true friendship!


6. When he championed RM’s handsomeness

Jungkook teased Jimin by emphasizing RM’s looks during a reaction video.


7. When he met his idol in person

Jungkook once posed as RM’s fan at a fan sign, much to ARMY’s delight!


8. When he exposed his inner fanboy in BTS’s “Boy With Luv” MV

Acting? What acting? This is Jungkook’s 100% real reaction every single time he sees RM perform!

Let’s also not forget this scene. Jungkook was one of the first people to reach the stage. The front row is for RM stans only!


9. When he crashed RM’s livestream

Jungkook didn’t just crash it; he refused to leave it! Jungkook loves to hang out with RM every chance he gets.

10. When he chose Big Hit Entertainment

Jungkook was scouted by a number of major agencies, including JYP Entertainment, but he ended going with Big Hit Entertainment largely because he was so impressed with RM and his rapping skills. Jungkook’s admiration for RM single-handedly changed the course of Jungkook’s career!


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