SBS Inkigayo Releases 30+ Never-Before-Seen Photos Of BTS’s Jungkook

Saving all of these to my camera roll! 💜

ARMY received a pleasant surprise from SBS Inkigayo as they unveiled 30+ brand new pictures of BTS‘s Jungkook. Take a look at all of the gorgeous photos below!

1. Which one is the flower?

With this stunning floral backdrop, Jungkook blends right in.

2. He’s so excited to see ARMY.

Performing in front of fans is his favorite thing!



3. He’s an energetic Maltese puppy.

His cuteness knows no bounds.

4. However, he also showed off his sexy and mature side!

He switched it up for an all-black look.

5. Our Golden Maknae is a visual king!

His eyes are so stunning.



6. He belongs in a museum.

A true work of art!

Check out more below!

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