Here Are 8 Moments That Show How Strong BTS’s Jungkook Actually Is

How can he do #4?

BTS‘s Jungkook has enough core strength to do some crazy things. From his “Blood Sweat & Tears” handstands to his wrestling skills, he’s always showing his power! Check out some of his best moments below.

1. His stability in “Fake Love”

His lower body can easily support him during difficult moves like this.



2. His core strength in “Not Today”

He rolls in slow motion!

3. During his wrestling match

Jungkook is a master of sports.

4. While playing games

He can do just about anything.



5. During this part of “Not Today”

You can feel his power from this single move.




6. This part of “Save Me”

His core strength is crazy!

7. This epic moment of “Blood Sweat & Tears”

Not many people can do this!


8. Whenever he gets up from the ground

He has some serious skills.



How does he do all of this? With muscles, of course! Check out more about his fitness below.

8 Moments That Prove BTS’s Jungkook Is Made Of Muscle