8 Moments That Prove BTS’s Jungkook Is Made Of Muscle

#4 will make any ARMY blush!

BTS‘s Jungkook is totally fit! After revealing his weight never drops below around 158 pounds, ARMYs can’t stop obsessing over his muscles. Check out a few of the moments that show how in shape he is below!

1. Rocking this black turtleneck

ARMYs can never forget this iconic look that put his fit physique on display!



2. When he bared it all during concerts

That one button is holding on for dear life!



3. Showing off his back muscles

It’s no wonder BTS jokes by calling him a “muscle pig!”

4. Looking like an athlete in a pair of shorts

All those years of dance practice paid off in more ways than one.


5. Looking too good in a button-up shirt

His proportions are crazy!

6. ARMYs might be guilty of loving his thigh muscles

Jungkook’s thick thighs save lives!

7. In an all-white outfit

He knows what suits him best.

8. Totally built from head to toe

He’s strong from the inside-out!

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