10+ Times BTS’s Jungkook And Suga Looked Like The Same Person

These photos and gifs will make you do a double-take.

Right now, this “D-3” teaser is causing a whole lot of confusion. Who is the person in the picture? Is it BTS‘s SugaJungkook, or someone else entirely? Usually, it’s easy to tell these two members apart, but here are 10+ exceptions!

1. When Suga transformed into Jungkook on stage

2. When they wore similar outfits while doing the same pose

3. When two Jungkooks appeared side by side

4. The airport twinning that probably confused reporters

This is Jungkook.

This is Suga.

5. That time everyone became the Golden Maknae

6. When Jungkook channeled “sleepy Suga” energy…

7. …and Suga’s inner bunny jumped out…

8. …a couple of times

9. These confusing bucket hats…

10. …and this sorcery

11. When Jungkook wore more than one mask…

12. …and switched identities during snack time

13. BONUS: More magical transformations!

10+ Times BTS’s Members Magically Transformed Into Each Other