10 Questionable TikToks BTS’s Jungkook Just Liked

ARMYs went crazy making #2!

BTS‘s Jungkook shares the same crazy and hilarious sense of humors as ARMYs! Check out some of the funniest TikToks he liked recently below.

1. You’ll never guess what happens next

His “For You” page is so random!

2. This hilarious edit that will make you laugh out loud

ARMYs are so creative.


don’t ask me nothing about this edit, I’m running on caffeine and jungkook’s shirtless video #hobidipity

♬ Standing Next to You – Jung Kook

3. This funny MBTI video

Which one do you relate to more?

4. This is all of us when this song comes on

You just can’t help it!

5. This amazing sculpture of Jungkook

The accuracy is unbelievable!


Replying to @Reen🥰

♬ WayBackHome – 苏七岁

6. This girl who was caught listening to Jungkook



♬ Standing Next to You – Jung Kook

7. This relatable video

She is US.


This dance break though… this album is so good. 😍 I think my favorite song is Yes or No. what’s yours? #jungkook

♬ original sound – Jesica Ahlberg

8. Another hilarious edit

They just don’t stop!



♬ الصوت الأصلي – jk_le2

9. This video of Mariah Carey

It’s officially Christmas time!


Mariah Carey needing to sneeze 🤧 😂 (credit to: EpochGD for this masterpiece! Give him a follow and subscribe on his YouTube channel @epochthings 🙏) #mariahcarey #sneeze #alliwantforchristmas #xmas #christmas #foryou #foryoupage #xybca #xybca #usa_tiktok #uktiktok #music #trending #usa #uk

♬ original sound – MikeyM

10. This video is a whole mood

Putting the album on shuffle is dangerous.


Gracias jungkook por hacer ARTE ig: avxldes #fyp #foryoupage #parati #btsarmy #jungkook

♬ sonido original – Ab