12 Times BTS’s Jungkook, V, And Jimin Proved They’re The Cutest Yet Hottest Maknae Line

How do they switch so fast?!

Maknae lines, or the youngest members in a group, tend to be known for their cuteness. However, BTS‘s Jimin, V, and Jungkook show that they have no problems showing off their sexy sides! Check out 12 times they proved their versatility below.

1. As the youngest members, being cute comes naturally to them.

2. However, they also slay the moment they step on stage!

3. You can always count on them to get into mayhem — and it’s adorable.

4. But when the time comes to focus, they become oh-so hot!

5. You can’t help but laugh along with them whenever they’re having fun.

6. However, their sexy side during a photoshoot is no laughing matter!

7. Basically, maknae line is the definition of duality.

8. Will they be hot, cute, or somewhere in between?

9. Not only are they a visual trio…

10. …their personalities also fit together perfectly!

11. You can’t escape the charms of these three.

12. Once you fall for them, there’s no way out!

Check out the duality of BTS’s rap line below.

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