13 Quirky Things BTS’s Jungkook Does That Prove Just How Unique He Really Is

#5 is exactly why we love him. 🤣

BTS once chose Jungkook as the most unique member. Recalling some of the weirdest things he’s done over the years, he’s definitely unique! Check out some of the quirky, funny things he does that make us fall more in love with him every day.

1. Instead of buying a new mattress that’s the correct size, Jungkook decided to cut the one he already owned.

The members teased him that he could have just returned it, but he thinks that’s “too much effort!”

2. His original Instagram name shows off his unique style.

He changed it since then, but he was extremely proud of the unique name!

Jungkook’s original Instagram username | @jungkook.97/Instagram

3. He decided to randomly dye half of his hair during Bon Voyage Season 3.

The results: Half blonde, half pink Jungkook!

Jungkook in BTS Bon Voyage Season 3 | Naver

4. He thought it would be fun to live in the Joseon Dynasty during the “Daechwita” music video shoot.

However, when asked what he’d be doing, he hilariously said he would probably be doing physical labor. Sounds like fun…?

5. He then befriended a chicken the same day.

He pet it to sleep…and it was so cute.


6. As long as it’s functional, he has no prejudice against any type of bag.

He’s known for his eccentric choice of bags, including this military-style bag…

Jungkook with his bags | @Hello_VK/Twitter

…this Sally pouch from LINE Friends…

…and even this camera bag!

7. In a world of card wallets, he sticks to an original wallet.

It’s absolutely huge…but it holds everything!

Jungkook sports a YSL wallet.
Jungkook during Bon Voyage Season 4 | Naver

Ah this is so funny f*ck

In the age of the card wallet boom where wallets are getting smaller and smaller,

Jungkook’s wallet is the size of a notebook….


8. He unapologetically loves his wallet phone cases that flip open.

He’s used them diligently ever since he was young…

Jungkook in 2013 using a wallet phone case

…and he still uses them from time to time!

Jungkook at the GRAMMYs
Jungkook during RUN BTS! | Naver

9. He has an undying love for toe socks.

He clarified that it’s not for health reasons. He just likes the way it feels.

Jungkook rocks some toe socks during Run BTS! | Naver

10. He buys the absolute weirdest things.

Jungkook is no stranger to falling for some good advertising, like when he purchased this strange Nano Filter Nose Mask.

Nano Filter Nose Mask


These “diet” shoes come with a promise of burning extra calories. Who would buy those?!

Shoes that burn calories

The correct answer is Jungkook!

Have you ever noticed the advertisements on the NAVER homepage and wonder who would fall for them?

Naver English lessons advertisement 

You guessed it — This is exactly how Jungkook purchased his English lessons!

11. He eats frozen sugar cane like a panda eating bamboo.

The members outed him for this, and it was hilarious.

12. He was too honest during this interview about reading.

At least you know he’s telling the truth!

13. Jungkook revealed the thing he doesn’t like is prejudice during SBS Pop Asia’s interview.

As an open-minded and unique individual, this sums him up perfectly!

| SBS Pop Asia Interview

Jungkook is definitely one of a kind!

Source: theqoo


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