11 Questionable Life Hacks BTS Taught Us Throughout The Years

Seriously, don’t do #6. 🀣

If you find yourself loving BTS so much that you pick up some of their habits, you’re not alone! ARMY everywhere have learned some unique things over the years simply by loving BTS. However, some of the things they have shared can be considered questionable — like these hilarious life hacks! Check out 11 moments they proved their knowledge to us by giving us someΒ interestingΒ life lessons.

1. Jin taught us how to use an ARMY Bomb to go fishing.

2. RM taught us how to survive a shark attack…kind of.

3. J-Hope taught us how to use shampoo to wash your socks on tour.

4. Suga taught us how to get food without ever leaving bed.

5. V taught us to shield yourself from the sun with your t-shirt.

6. Jungkook taught us you can just cut your mattress if it’s too big.

7. Jimin taught us to sit on our foot if you feel too short.

8. Jin taught us to always throw our spaghetti at the wall to see if it’s ready.

9. Suga showed us how to open albums without a knife.

10. V taught us you can open Yakult upside down if you don’t have a straw.

11. Jungkook taught us this chopsticks hack to get every bit of sauce out.

Source: @taeisthv/Twitter


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