10+ Hilarious Moments From BTS’s “Focus On” Live AMA After-Party

#4 is so chaotic!

After the 2021 American Music Awards, BTS returned to their hotel room and immediately live-streamed their own after-party! They celebrated their achievements with cake and champagne while reminiscing the night. Check out 10+ moments you need to see below!

1. Jin revealed it’s harder than it looks to pull Jungkook away from the mic.

2. RM is proud of BTS dancing to New Kids on the Block.

3. J-Hope showed his concern when he didn’t get champagne at first.

4. RM spoiled the GRAMMY nomination.

5. Jimin wrote “ARMY” in the air. Too cute!

6. Jungkook lost his patience in 3, 2, 1…

7. Unlike most people, Jin somehow gets more sleep abroad.

8. Everyone reminisced about putting forks in V’s hair.

9. J-Hope kissed the champagne glass and every ARMY was jealous.

10. Jimin shared his pizza with Jungkook because sharing is caring!

11. Jin also helped out V when there was no more champagne.

12. The content ARMY lives for: Suga peacefully eating his pizza.

13. Jin was way too fine…as always!

14. Jimin revealed his excitement for the LA concerts.

15. V did the Tata Mic face.

16. Jungkook finally finished his speech!

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