BTS Loves To Play Pranks On ARMYs, Here Are 10 Times They Pretended To Be Frozen On Camera

You would think that after all these years, they’d get sick of the joke but thank God they haven’t 😂

BTS has always had a loving relationship with ARMYs. Maybe because it’s been so many years since they’ve debuted, but there are many instances where BTS treat ARMYs as if they’re family.

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V has played online games with ARMYs, Jimin is constantly making sure ARMYs stay safe and protected in cold winter months, and all of them have sat on live streams to spend quality time with ARMYs.

There are also a handful of “inside jokes” between the seven members and their millions of loving fans (we could never forget “lachimolala”). One of them is BTS’s penchant for acting like they’re all frozen while on a livestream!

BTS likes to act like they’re frozen when they start their live streams sometimes and it’s absolutely hilarious. For a group that’s so in sync when it comes to choreography, it’s funny just how out of sync they are when they’re playing this prank sometimes!

We’ve gathered our top 10 favorites below!

1. A #tbt

2. After their first Grammys

3. Out to eat

4. Grammy nominated artists

5. BBMAs 2019

6. BBMAs 2018


8. Dynamite era

9. The prank that never seems to end

10. Butter era

This prank might seem simple, but it’s effective in the way that it’s funny every. single. time. ARMYs even love to joke about it on Twitter.

We hope you had a good laugh, we know we did! Check out these maknae line pictures below to brighten your day.

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