Netizen Names Each BTS Member’s Casual Fashion Style — And It’s So Accurate

Who has your favorite style?

Each member of BTS has their own unique image that’s reflected in their individual casual fashion styles. A netizen tried to accurately describe the types of clothes each member tends to wear and it’s spot-on! Check out what they said below.

1. RM — “Vintage Vibes”

The prints and styles of many things RM wears will remind you of something your grandpa would wear…but in a cool way!

2. Jin — “Comfort (and Thom Browne)”

Jin has two requirements for his outfits: Big, baggy sweaters and lots of Thom Browne!

3. Suga — “Dolled up but not dolled up”

The name might sound confusing, but when you see how Suga looks so effortlessly fashionable but also looks like he put effort in, it suddenly makes sense!

4. J-Hope — “The Boyfriend Look”

J-Hope’s cool style is sporty, comfy, and full of swag. These casually handsome outfits make him what ARMY’s call “boyfriend material!”

5. Jimin — “Slim-fit Power Celebrity”

One look at Jimin and you know he’s an important man with important places to be!

6. V — “Neat or Boxy Style”

V has two go-to looks: Dressed up neatly in shirts and ties…

…or feeling the breeze in his oversized outfits!

7. Jungkook — “Maximum Comfort”

Jungkook has one golden rule that he abides by: Comfort > Everything!


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