12 Times The BTS Members Casually Said “I Love You” To Each Other Like True Family

“Saranghae!” ๐Ÿ’œ

The BTS members are no longer just friends — They’re practically a family! Over the years, they say “I love you” to each other so easily that you would think they’re related. Check out some of the cutest moments below where they proudly declared their love for each other!

1. J-Hope arrived to Jin’s set for “The Astronaut.”

He gave Jin some snacks and support, then left as Jin saidย “love you!”

2. Theย hyungs told the young ones how much they love them.

Jin: I love you.

Jimin: Yoongi hyung didn’t say it?

Suga: I love you. *nodding*

3. Jin ended his phone call with Jimin by saying “I love you.”

Jimin said it back, too!

Jin:Let’s eat, Jimin-ah!

Jimin: I ate something on the show just now.

Jin: I love you, Jimin-ah~!

Jimin: Okay, I love you too~!

4. V wasn’t able to travel with the members at the beginning ofย Bon Voyage Season 3, so they filmed this video for him.

Everyone says “I love you” in their own adorable ways!

5. V showed support for J-Hope’s solo music video for “MORE.”

J-Hope: Seriously, thank you for coming.

J-Hope: I love you, my little bro!

6. Duringย Run BTS!, Jimin had a very important announcement.

Jimin: I’ll just say one thing, seriously. I love you~

7. When V revealed what Suga said at the end of his letter, the members went crazy!

Suga doesn’t say “I love you” often, but when he does, it means so much!

V: One time, there was a member who sent me a very long text.

V: …It was Suga hyung!

V: I never expected it. But let me skip to the end to when he wrote… I had never heard it before.

V: He said “I love you!”

8. The same day, Jimin asked Suga to say it to him, too.

Jimin’s reaction was too cute!

9. RM and Jimin had the most wholesome exchange on the phone.

Of course, it ended with RM ended it in the cutest way!

RM: I was sleeping when I got a call from Jimin. He said, “You worked hard,” crying so much. “Thanks to you…”

RM: I put a tape before going to bed because I snore. I was like “It’s okay” with the tape on.” You did a great job, you’re the best. I love you.”

10. Jungkook made a pun and told V he loves him!

Jungkook: 4 points.

V: 4 points.

Jungkook: I love you!* [*T/N: Both the word “four” and the phrase “I love you” begin with “sa,” so he made a pun.]

11. RM’s words to Suga who received the penalty duringย Run BTS!

RM: I couldn’t say I love you… I love you,ย hyung

12. V couldn’t let go what Suga said under his breath!

Suga: Okay, I love you.

V: I’ll leave. What did you say, hyung? I couldn’t hear you.

Suga: I said I love you.

Source: theqoo