Showing Appreciation For The Numerous Tattoos And Piercings Of BTS’s Members

Do you have a favorite BTS body modification?

The members of BTS have several different body modifications like tattoos and piercings between the seven of them, and they’ve received a lot of praise from ARMY! Some, such as Jungkook‘s tattoos, are a frequent topic of conversation among fans, while others are less well-known or not discussed as often. These are all of the piercings and tattoos of BTS’s members that we know about, though it’s possible there are some that are still unknown to fans!

1. RM

BTS’s leader has kept things simple for years, sticking to just two piercings: One in each earlobe.

He seems to most frequently wear hoops, though he occasionally switches things up a little.

2. Jin

Jin also has two piercings, but unlike RM, he kept them both to his left ear.

One is on the lobe, while the other is higher above it. Sometimes he keeps it simple, while other times his earrings are more elaborate!

3. Suga

Suga, like a couple of other members of BTS, has five piercings in total that we know of.

Three of them are in his left earlobe, and two are in his right! He also had 2 cartilage piercings back before he debuted in BTS.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope is the only member of BTS without any piercings or tattoos! While he’s thought about doing it, he hasn’t yet due to his father’s wishes and his own promise to ARMY to keep his ears “natural.”

However, that hasn’t kept him from wearing fake earrings!

5. Jimin

Jimin is one of BTS’s only two members that have known tattoos, with the other, of course, being Jungkook.

His most well-known one is likely the word “NEVERMIND” written on his ribcage, which shows most often when he is dancing. Another one is the number 13 on his left wrist, which he got in reference to both his birthday (October 13) and BTS’s debut date (June 13, 2013).

He also has the words “Young” and “Forever” written on the back of each arm, which is a callback to the group’s song “Epilogue: Young Forever.”

Most recently, he has also revealed a crescent moon tattoo on his upper back, as well as a tattoo behind his ear that can read both “youth” and “growth.”

As for piercings, Jimin is another member that has five – three in his left ear (one of which is a cartilage piercing) and two in his right.

6. V

Like Suga and Jimin, V also has five piercings: Three in his left earlobe, and two in his right.

And some of his earrings have been quite unique!

Though he has rocked a lip ring before, it ended up being fake.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook is definitely the BTS member who has the most body modifications, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! Though it’s hard to say exactly how many tattoos he has now, it seems to be nearing 20 – at least that we know about. You can click here to read about the meanings behind many of them!

He has several on his hand, including the beloved “ARMY” tattoo on his knuckles, and the tattoos on his arm have all but become a full sleeve by this point!

He has a number of others on his body as well.

As far as piercings go, he also has more of them than any other BTS member! At this time, he has been speculated to have had at least 11 different piercings over time, though some have been more temporary than others, most notably his eyebrow piercing.

One of his most recent additions was a lip piercing, which unsurprisingly had ARMYs going wild.

When it comes to ear piercings, he currently seems to have at least six in his right ear, and three (or possibly four) in his left.

And while he did use to have a double helix piercing in his right ear as well, fans believe it may have closed up by now.

We love to see the members of BTS express themselves in as many ways as they can, including through the use of body modifications!