Here’s What Each Member Of BTS Wanted To Become As Young Boys

They would’ve been good at being these too.

BTS, had they not become BTS, wanted to be a lot of things as boys growing up. While it is now extremely difficult to imagine the K-Pop scene without BTS as we know it, here’s what each member wanted to become when they were little boys growing up.


1. Jin

Jin wanted to become a farmer when he was little. He had an uncle who owned a ranch growing melons and strawberries. Jin used to work there and he had a knack for it. While he is now an irreplaceable “Worldwide Handsome” around the globe, Jin would have also made an excellent strawberry farmer – who then would have been an excellent chef creating strawberry inspired dishes, probably.


2. Suga

Suga – while ARMYs would assume he has always wanted to become a rapper or a music producer – had his eyes on a completely different field when he was young. According to Suga, when he was “a small-small boy”, he wanted to become an architect! It was only as he got older that he realized he had musical interests.


3. J-Hope

J-Hope wanted to become a tennis player. He pointed out that he was intrigued by the grunting sounds that tennis players make when they’re struggling to win on the court. None of the members have ever seen J-Hope play tennis though, so BTS and ARMYs alike wonder what that would have been like – but a boy can dream, right?


4. Jimin

Jimin has had his eyes on the prize the whole time. Ever since he was a little boy, he dreamt of “big stages” and wanted to be a performer who showcases his talent in front of millions of people. Looks like Jimin’s childhood dream definitely came true!


5. V

V, unlike the version we know, had another childhood dream. He shared, “I wanted to be a saxophonist”. When asked why saxophone, of all the instruments, V answered that it was the only musical instrument he knew how to play as a kid. ARMYs are now daydreaming about what that would have been like – an international saxophone player Kim Taehyung. He would have been the most gorgeous one for sure!


6. Jungkook

Jungkook, who actually began training for the group at a very young age, didn’t have “BTS” in mind as a boy, when it came to his future plans. He wanted to be a professional game player! He noted, “Ten years ago, I was really into the game Kart Rider. I wanted to race.” And because Jungkook is the golden maknae who can do literally anything and everything – fans had no trouble believing he would have made a very fine pro-gamer as well.


And last – but not least at all –

7. RM

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